Matching the Market: Classifying Jobs and Setting Pay

[The introduction and report excerpts below are from the Partnership for Public Service 2014 report, Building the Enterprise: A New Civil Service Framework.]

The way forward: A transformed civil service

A modernized civil service system should continue to be based on these long-held principles. It should have the consistent policies and procedures and level playing field that are characteristics of a single enterprise, but also be flexible and adaptive enough to accommodate the wide variety of agency missions, cultures and constituents.

The system should be designed to more easily attract, hire, promote and retain the best qualified employees, and place greater attention on the development of leaders. It should be based on state-of-the-art human capital practices and have a total compensation system that is occupation specific and market-sensitive. And it should have career paths that support progression and job mobility, and be designed to reward performance, not just time on the federal payroll.

Matching the Market – Classifying Jobs & Setting Pay   [report excerpt]

Which, if any, of the system components discussed in the report excerpt do you think would work in helping your agency accomplish the goal of a “total compensation system that is occupation specific and market-sensitive”? What roadblocks or resistance do you think your agency would face if they were to implement these recommendations?

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