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Graduate School USA is committed to providing you with the tools you need to do your job with excellence and help your agency accomplish its mission. This includes establishing this site to provide you with the opportunity to read about and discuss subjects of current interest in the federal HR world.

This site provides you with carefully selected articles from a variety of websites that provide insight on what federal oversight agencies think about HR-related issues. We also reprint or refer you to articles from websites such as FedSmith, Government Executive, Partnership for Public Service, Federal Daily, and Harvard Business Review so that you can learn more about your occupation and its impact on the daily work of federal employees. In addition, we provide information about new laws and regulations affecting your work. Once in a while we may even give you our insights about the goings-on in federal HR.

In any case, the ultimate purpose for this site is to help you stay informed, make you think, and provide a way for you to interact with your peers. So have fun, be civil in your discussion, and remember to apply the new concepts and ideas you learn here back on the job.

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