GAO Finds Phased Retirement Can Benefit Employees, Management

Although the number of federal workers enrolled in the government’s phased retirement program remains minuscule, analysts say it could be a valuable tool for agencies to preserve institutional knowledge and plan for the future.

As of Tuesday, 259 federal employees had applied for phased retirement, according to the Office of Personnel Management. This represents a significant increase over the 90 feds who had applied as of August 2016. An additional 82 people have applied for the program and are now retired.

Still, the numbers are below the Congressional Budget Office’s 2012 projections on enrollment, … (For more, click here.)

Has your agency offered phased retirement to its employees? Do you think this program could help your agency accomplish its mission? How?


Phased Retirement: Just the Facts

There has been a lot of talk about phased retirement, particularly its pros and cons. However, this article does not debate the merits of phased retirement; instead it provides “just the facts” in a handy bulleted list. Click here to get the basics about this new federal retirement program.

What do you think? Is phased retirement an idea whose time has come or a bad idea for the federal government?